4 Lighting Diagrams

Model: Kyiona Carswell
Makeup: Michelle from Michmakeover

The beauty of photography is that every shot can be unique. While I love working in Singapore, its always nice to get an afternoon to work with a model who has a look and feel that is very different to the local scene. So different that we managed to squeeze out 4 different looks! 

The first shoot we did was more of a sporty look. The model wanted to hit the ground running as the sports feel was her request. See what I did there? Sports ... hit the ground running ... huh? :) 

Retouch: @ulianaretouch
Lighting setup here was main light a silver umbrella and filled by a 3x1 softbox


For the second look we started to emphasise skin tones in a classic yet simple way. Main light was a silver umbrella except now all the way to the side. No reason things need to be complicated to get a great shot.
There was some trial and error though, I tried in from the front at first but the light was too flat and boring for me.
These pictures were also featured here on the Retouchist

Retouch: @retouchingnyc


Moving right along into our 3rd setup I made use of a beauty dish for the main light along with an octa fill. Strip light on the side from the back to complete the setup. I love how the light and shadows sculpts the dimensions of her face here. I'd like to think the lighting did a lot of the work here but wow she is uniquely gorgeous! 

Retouch: @ulianaretouch


Dress up time! Last shot was a fashion shoot done in collaboration with Nathaniel from a local brand called Mash-Up. Awesome model, awesome clothing and a happy photographer! 
Lighting was a magnum reflector for main light and octa for fill! Sorry my bts image sucked, I forgot to take a proper one hah.

Retouch: Luca Szalmás


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do let me know if you have any questions! (: