Marigold HL Milk Commercial Shoot

Been drinking Marigold products since I was a kid so to say it was super cool being part of their latest campaign would be an understatement! I really do enjoy working with brands that I use in my day to day life. Its just so rewarding having that connection with your work! I can't imagine thats only a photography thing, right? 

Being a photographer on a TVC shoot can be quite interesting. The video side usually takes priority over the photography as it requires bulk of the time and budget which means that the photographer is often left with tight time constraints or limited remaining sunlight. No complaints! Its just the fact of life! I've been dabbling with video more lately so hopefully in the near future Ill just own all the sunlight and split it amongst my gear as I see fit! Jokes aside, its awesome watching videographers at work as there is so much complexity to what they do so really, no complaints. I'm thankful I had the trust of the brand to make the photography component of it all come together! 

Alllllllll that being said, for this shoot in particular they actually wanted to use my images images for both the print and the video so I got the priority. Yay!


WhatsApp Image 2017-10-16 at 12.42.28 AM.jpeg

Not only was it great working with a brand that I use in my personal life but the talents were amazing! So many different ages and while everyone was great, kids win every time. At least the well behaved kids and I have been super fortunate to always work with the most well behaved kids! So cute, so tiny, so adorable and so fun to shoot! 

One of the most rewarding things about gaining experience is the ability to give back to my industry colleagues. So with that I am happy to share this Pro Tip -> Kids love fart sounds! Also, they love when you pick them up and throw them around in the air (carefully ... without dropping them ... lol). 

I find it important to always connect with your talents before the shoot, especially children. When they are involved, try if possible to plan the shoot around their schedule. you do not want to shoot a child during her nap time. Well behaved kids are a blessing and to a certain extent its important to cater to them.

For the images, we shot them straight on the coloured backgrounds that we knew we wanted to use in the ads. We didn't want to use a green screen as the green would be reflected the backdrop and cast a colour onto the talents which would looks very strange. Putting the talents in the coloured background that was used gave it a less composite look.

Great experience overall and as always it comes down to a great brand, great crew and great talents! Thank you everyone involved for making my life so easy! 
Check out thevideos below.